Research Facility

Since I vacated the Milford Rd workshop, which was no longer needed for the next phase, I have designed and build a new facility for development.
This is a low-cost semi-permanent 300 sq. foot facility at my house.

This is perfectly adequate for development of the components of the Mass-EV as I created a vehicle test-bed in the Milford Rd workshop previously.
This is also stored at my house off-road with good road access and plenty of space both inside and out for adapting and testing.


The internal floor space to the walls is 6m x 4.8m with 2m standing height.
Including the bench and shelf space the total surface space is over 50m2 or nearly 550 ft2

The original Workshop at Milford rd was around 150m2 to which I added about 10m2 of bench space.